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The directors, Richard Little and John Heaney, have a wealth of experience in the field of liability claims gained over many years in the industry and have been involved in the handling of many significant claims. They both remain actively involved in claims with their own case loads.

Below is a brief outline of the principal areas of expertise of our senior personnel. If you would like more detailed CV's for them or any other member of staff, please contact either Richard or John.

Associate Director
Associate Director
John Heaney

John had London Market based casualty claims experience and responsibilities from 1987 until 1993 when he moved into specialist liability loss adjusting and immediately before joining Richard as a director in the business, he was the UK Liability Director for a major loss adjusting practice.

John has wide ranging casualty claims experience, handling many disease, serious injury and fatality claims. He was the lead adjuster on the Paddington Rail crash in October 1999 and the Selby Road/Rail incident in February 2001 as well as being the supervising adjuster on the Potters Bar Derailment in May 2002.

John has also written best practice and operating guidelines for claims organizations, managed technical audits and has experience of Quality Assurance under ISO.

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